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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I visit Tipico Wines to pick up wines without ordering online?
    Yes you can! Please make an appointment before so I can assure you have my full attention. Contact me: or +31615447993.
  • How much are the delivery costs within the Netherlands?
    That depends on the number of bottles ordered (well, actually the weight but let's keep it simple): NL-wide shipment costs: 0  - 12 bottles : 10 euros 12 - 18 bottles : 13 euros 18+ bottles or > €200 order value: we'll take care of the costs International delivery: contacts us ​ Shipping is fast & easy. We always aim to deliver your package within a few business days. Are you physically close to us? We go the extra mile for our neighbours. If you live in Amsterdam West, we deliver the wines to your doorstep for no additional charge. No problem. ​ Would you rather save some money and pick-up your wines? Select the pick-up option at the check-out and we will contact you for a pick-up appointment!
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