About Tipico Wines

Image by Maja Petric

Who's behind Tipico Wines?

My name is Dennis Repkes. Many years ago I fell in love with wine during lunch in a restaurant in Évora, Portugal. A friendly man sitting next to us started to talk to us. This man was winemaker Luís and he shared with us his passion for wines, winemaking and gave us a taste of his delicious wine. I was sold. It was on that day, during that lunch, that I knew I wanted to learn a lot more about wine.


Ever since I've been spending more and more time discovering the diverse world of wine: attending events, tastings and turning every holiday into a wine trip. As the hobby grew bigger and bigger, I decided in 2020 to pursue wine professionally. Enter: Tipico Wines. 

It started slowly: friends asking me during dinners: ''wow, where did you get this wine? Can you get me some as well?''. Making people happy by providing them with something I'm passionate about. What's better than that?

In my quest for hidden gems, I made sure to buy more then I would drink. In this way, I had something to present to my first clients. Also I started to collaborate with a small farmer in Champagne, who's wines offer exceptional price/quality. Tipico Wines was born: a wine shop that focuses on well-made wines from smaller producers. Offering unique wines at razor-sharp prices became my focus.

Staying in touch with Luís over the years, I knew one thing for sure: I want to be the first to import his wines into the Netherlands. In 2021 this became reality: the Herdade de Coelheiros wines arrived on my doorstep and are now available to you.

What does Tipico Wines offer?

Wines of course, available through the webshop or via physical pick-up (by appointment). Next to that I've started a Wine club which you can subscribe for. Being part of the Wine club you will be the first to know about limited edition wines, physical tasting events or other exclusive opportunities.

Next to that, Tipico also offers wine import and distribution services for restaurants and retail stores. 

What's next? Who knows. Subscribe to the wine club to be the first to know.

Cheers, Dennis